About Better Pools

Nothing can be more relaxing than a dip in the cool water of your own personal swimming pool. A well maintained pool has the ability to take away the stress and demands of life. What a great way to relax at the end of a long day!
A pool can also function as a source of exercise for keeping your body healthy and lean. It also provides you with an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Splashing around with water basketball, diving for treasures on the pool bottom, or engaging in a game of water volleyball are all excellent ways to enjoy your pool.
Each week, our trained professionals provide our customers with excellent  pool cleaning service. We make sure your pool water is properly balanced, the surfaces are brushed, vacuumed  when necessary and the baskets and filter cartridge are cleaned as needed. We do the work so you don't have to. It's like staying at your own resort!
We would like to thank you for your interest in our company. We welcome you to explore our website and learn more about us at: www.venicepoolcleaning.com. If you are in need of pool service, please give us a call at 941-41-POOLS or send us an email to betterpoolsfl@gmail.com

Characteristics of an excellent pool cleaning service:

Knowledge of Water Chemistry of the Pool & Spa-

Anyone providing top quality pool cleaning services should have a Certified Pool & Spa Operator designation. This certificate is issued by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. The knowledge and training provided are essential to having a well maintained pool and properly balanced water. Adjusting the pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, chlorine and other chemicals is essential to having your pool surface and equipment for many years.

Proper Insurance -

You want to make sure your service provider is properly insured against any accidents which may occur on your property. Slips and falls are not uncommon when working on wet surfaces. The general liability insurance carried by Better Pools LLC lets you know you are protected. Ask your operator to provide you with a copy and call their carrier to check that it is still in force.

Complete cleaning equipment -

Providing excellent pool cleaning services is a necessary job. It requires some specialized equipment such as a net, vacuum, brushes, chemicals and poles. Any reliable service provider will have all the necessary things for equipment repair and maintenance.

Great Customer Service -

You will want to deal with a company that encourages your questions. They should not only maintain your pool around the same time each week, but you want them to be friendly and pleasant. When you call the company, you want to be treated with respect and be given honest answers. If a mistake has been made, you will want it corrected with apologies and not be given the "run-around".