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Benefits of Swimming

Many pool owners have discovered the benefits of swimming.  Other people join gyms and YMCA’s in order to enjoy the benefits of  swimming.  The CDC reports that just 2-½ hours of swimming per week is able to decrease the risk of chronic illness.

In the United States, there are approximately 27 million people who suffer from arthritis.  Exercising in a swimming pool is effective in treating arthritis.  It is known to greatly reduce pain while improving mobility.  There are also benefits regarding balance and function.  Many exercises performed on land would be painful and counterproductive due to the pain involved.

There are also benefits to swimming for people suffering from mental disorders and disease.  Relieving stress and symptoms of depression can be accomplished through recreational swimming.  Even competitive swimming enables psychological well being and has been shown to improve overall mental health.

The benefits of swimming  is especially helpful for senior citizens.  Exercise performed in water involves the entire body while keeping muscles and joints from becoming overly exerted.  It has benefits to the bones by building density.  With the health and wellness industry claiming that 3 out of 4 senior citizens do not receive enough exercise to stay healthy, swimming pool exercise has many health benefits for all ages. For more information on swimming pool exercises  check out our  blog. Like  and follow us us on Facebook!

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