Fundamental Guide To Pool Filters

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September 30, 2015
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September 30, 2015
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Fundamental Guide To Pool Filters

Pool Filter Guide in Venice Florida - Better Pools

Fundamental Guide To Pool Filters

One thing that every swimming pool needs to have is a swimming pool filter. A swimming pool filter is the key to having clear water. The most common types used in our area of Florida are cartridge and sand, with the cartridge being used the most.

Cleaning the cartridge involves removing the top of the filter, removing the cartridge, and hosing off the cartridge with a garden hose.  Make sure your hose provides a strong stream of water, while using the jet stream function on the nozzle so the water reaches the inner folds of the cartridge pleats.

Once the water runs out clear you are finished.  Insert the cartridge back into the filter, replace the top, and start the pump again.  Make sure you check for leaks before walking away.

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  1. Badiou James says:

    Yes, I complete agree with you that every pool desperately needs a filter. The machine helps the pool keeping clean. Out of the three common type filters, cartridge and sand are mostly used. You cannot totally ignore the DE type. You can buy the product as per the recommendation of a trusted specialist. But to keep it functional, you should check the filter regularly and clean it properly. You can clear all your doubts, including the working mechanism of the filter, from the specialist. He can give you the best tips.

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