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August 23, 2016
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chlorine tablet

chlorine tablet

Pool Stabilizer

In your swimming pool, a pool stabilizer is normally used if you are using liquid chlorine as your sanitizer.  It is sometimes referred to as a pool conditioner.  There is some confusion among homeowners regarding the use of a pool stabilizer.

As a rough overview, the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the molecules in the liquid chlorine used to sanitize your swimming pool water.  Without the use of a pool stabilizer, your chlorine would be gone in a matter of days, leaving your pool water unprotected from the formation of algae and the growth of bacteria.  The reason is the liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is unstabilized.  So you can see why there is a need to stabilize your liquid chlorine.

The pool stabilizer is normally added in the form of a white tablet that resembles a hockey puck.  These are placed into a chlorinator tube, or floating device in the pool.  We measure the cyanuric acid levels each week to ensure the amount does not increase beyond the normal range of 30-50 ppm.  If the level begins to creep above the acceptable level, we remove any remaining tablet(s) and do not add any more until the level goes back down into the normal range.

Some homeowners believe they just need to add  pool stabilizer tablets and their pool will be fine.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  If the cyanuric acid levels become too high, it can make the liquid chlorine added ineffective.  Then, you will have to either drain off some pool water and add new, or add a chemical that reduces the levels.

So remember to add the proper amount of liquid chlorine, and keep the cyanuric acid levels in the acceptable range along with your balancing of calcium hardness, pH, and alkalinity.  Then you and your family can enjoy clean, properly balanced pool water. For more information on pool care check out our pool care blog @ https://www.venicepoolcleaning.com/pool-care-blog/. Like us on Facebook

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