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Keep Your Pool’s Water Clean
September 30, 2015
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Pool Maintenance

Here are some general pointers on swimming pool cleaning as well as maintenance.

It is crucial that you take excellent care of your swimming pool, ensuring that the water is properly balanced.  At Better Pools, we test your water chemistry once every week. Chemicals which need to be checked and adjusted weekly are: Calcium Hardness, Chlorine, Ph, Alkalinity, and Cyanuric Acid.

Examine and test your pool water once every week.

Depending upon your geographical location, you may use your swimming pool all year.  Other locations may require you to close the pool for the winter season. For those of you in Florida, you will probably have your pool open all the time. Most of us in the extreme south still have cooler temperatures in the winter months. We find that during the winter months, there is less drain on the pool chemicals, so it is much easier to maintain a proper balance in the water. Basically, your swimming pool water needs to be clear.  If you notice any cloudiness or algae, immediate attention is required.

Pay attention to the weather condition.

Various weather conditions have a substantial impact on the water top quality and the pool cleanliness. The weather effects the pool water quality as well.  Strong sunlight reduces quantities of chlorine, as does lots of rain, which may boost water level or introduce phosphates into the swimming pool. Consistently brush all pool surfaces including the waterline to make certain that build up of suntan lotions, body oils, algae, and air-borne contaminates do not develop.

While  pool  cleaning  and maintenance is something that seems to be simple and not complex, it is highly suggested that you research the manufacturers directions, consulting the manual whenever confronted with troubles. Your best chance to ensure proper chemical balance and long lasting enjoyment of your pool is to contact a local swimming pool cleaning company like Better Pools LLC.

It is strongly recommended that you review directions on the chemical labels thoroughly, making sure you are adding the correct amounts.  Remember to be careful when handling swimming pool chemicals.  They are highly caustic and can burn your skin should any splash on you when adding it to your pool water. Utilize gloves and also do not breathe in fumes. Keep your chemicals stored where children cannot reach them.

Happy Swimming!
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