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Salt pool or not? A lot of people ask whether they should have a salt pool.   Several considerations present themselves in this situation.  For those who already have a “regular chlorine” pool, there is an initial expensive outlay to have it converted to salt.  If you are trying to save money over a long period of time, switching to a salt system will not accomplish it.  Liquid chlorine is very inexpensive, which is why most pool owners go that route.  What many do not realize, is even with a salt system, chlorine is still in your pool as the sanitizer.  The salt “cell”, which is installed into your piping system, generates chlorine from the salt water as it passes through the plates inside the cell.  Bags of salt are dumped into the pool itself, and this salt water passes through the generator, or cell, and back into the pool.  The presence of salt in the water gives it a soft feel to the touch.  


The benefit of having a salt pool is that there is a constant feed of chlorine into the pool as long as the pump is running.  In a liquid chlorine pool,  our weekly visit includes adding the appropriate amount to last through the week until we are there again.  There is that initial load of chlorine, or spike in the chlorine level,  which then gradually dissipates over the next 6 days.  We have to put enough in so there is a chlorine reading when we return, called a residual reading.  The chlorine level needs to be in the normal range of 1 to 3 ppm (parts per million), which is needed to kill germs and bacteria, and to keep algae from growing. The liquid chlorine is gradually eroded,  mostly from the sun’s UV rays, splash out, topping off the water level, suntan lotion, and body oils.  Anything that enters the pool is being sanitized by the chlorine.  


So if you are thinking of having a salt pool, do so for the benefit of having a more consistent and stable chlorine level.  The more balanced the chemicals remain, the healthier your pool will stay, thereby keeping you and your family healthy.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Could you please let us know your price for established new salt water caged pool cleaning service. It will also need to be tested and documented monthly using a computer system for warranty purposes. Size 14 x 27 rectangular. Thank you.

    • Ken Copes says:

      Hi Wendy,
      We have several salt pools we care for. We also had a customer that needed similar documentation due to the warranty. We were able to provide full pool service and documentation for this customer.
      I would need to see your swimming pool to give you an accurate price on weekly pool service. Feel free to call me tomorrow so we can set up a time to see your pool. 941.716.3008 Ken

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