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One of the important tools for cleaning pools is the pool net.  There are different types, but the most common is the leaf net.  The other is a net as well, but it is deeper and reminds one of a butterfly net. In order to use the pool net, you need to attach it to the end of a telescopic pole.  The next step is to shut off the pool pump so you can see the bottom to check if there is any debris or foreign objects resting there.

A pool net is used to skim leaves and other floating objects from the surface of the water.  The deeper designed pool net does the same, but it can also be used for removing larger objects from the bottom of the pool as well.  Because the majority of contaminants are on the surface of your pool, removing them as often as possible is key.  By keeping the surface clean, you will reduce the amount of chlorine required to sanitize whatever lands on top of the pool water.

Another reason to remove objects in your pool is once they become saturated with water, become heavy and sink to the bottom, they can cause staining if left there too long.  To remove these objects, you will need to use the pool net that is designed with the deeper bag.  Any metal objects that rest on the bottom can also cause a rust stain on the surface of your pool.

When you use the pool net with the deep bag design, you will want to keep it moving while in the water.  Once you stop moving it, you may find the debris you caught in the bag will begin to float back out and you may have to start over.  These pool nets come with different types of weaves in the material that makes up the bag.  Some are woven so fine they will remove pollen from the surface of the water.  These are harder to move through the water, as there is more resistance due to the fine weave, but are better at removing both the floating objects as well as the debris which has fallen to the bottom.  For more information on pool care check out our blog @  https://www.venicepoolcleaning.com/pool-care-blog/.  Like us on Facebook !

Happy Swimming!

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