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January 13, 2017
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Swimming Pool Stains

One of the most frustrating pool problems to deal with is swimming pool stains.  The difficulty comes in determining the source of the stain or stains.  Stains are normally either from metal or some organic compound.

Metal Stains or Organic Stains

Metals can enter your pool through well water, pipe corrosion, or improperly balanced chemicals that cause metal surfaces in your pool or heater to deteriorate.  Organic sources of stains can be leaves, grass, berries, and any other debris that settles on the bottom of your pool.

Sometimes you can tell the type of stain by it’s color.  Green and brown stains are usually from organic matter such as leaves and plants.  Blue and red swimming pool stains can be from berries.  Dark blue, green or black stains are typically from copper if there is no evidence of any organic substances.  Green, brown, and reddish stains can be from iron in the water.  We see this more commonly from well water.  Finally, brown, black and purple stains can be from manganese.

Removing the Stain

You may hear advice on removing these swimming pool stains, from shocking the pool to trying Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  The best way, however, is to obtain a stain test kit.  The test kit we use at Better Pools LLC requires the chemicals in your pool to be lowered to certain levels in order for the test to be effective.  We usually run these tests and stain treatment programs in the cooler winter months.  The reason for this is so there is less of a chance of having an algae bloom in your pool due to the lower levels of chemicals.

Once the type of swimming pool stain has been determined, we apply the correct amount of stain removal products and let the pump circulate the water around the clock for days to weeks while the product works to remove the stains.  We have found that older surfaces are more difficult to remove stains from due to their porous nature.  Sometimes stains will not come out completely, and resurfacing may become necessary. For more pool care tips check out our blog. And like us on Facebook !



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  1. Badiou James says:

    Swimming pool stain are generally composed of metal or some organic compound. Metals can enter your pool through water, pipe corrosion. Once the types of swimming pool strain are determined,let the pump circulate the water while the product works to remove the strains. By follow up all these crucial tips your swimming pool can be in good condition for years.

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