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May 1, 2017

Salt Pool

    Salt pool or not? A lot of people ask whether they should have a salt pool.   Several considerations present themselves in this situation. […]
January 24, 2017

Swimming Pool Stains

Swimming Pool Stains One of the most frustrating pool problems to deal with is swimming pool stains.  The difficulty comes in determining the source of the […]
January 13, 2017

Strong Chlorine Smell in Pools

Strong Chlorine Smell in Pools   How many times have you been around a swimming pool and experienced a strong  chlorine smell?  The odor is deceiving, […]
December 23, 2016
chlorine tablet

Chlorine Tablets: Are they all you need?

We have seen a misuse of stabilized chlorine tablets over the years.  When using liquid chlorine as the sanitizer in your pool, it is necessary to […]