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August 4, 2016
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7 Fun Pool Exercises

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7 Fun Pool Exercises

Pool exercises are a fun and convenient way to get exercise. There are many benefits to working out in your own swimming pool. It is much easier to stay cool and not get overheated while exercising in water. Pool exercises are also a great way to benefit your body’s cardio needs.
Because the water has buoyancy, there is very little stress on joints and muscles. There are great physical benefits for those people who suffer with bone and joint problems.
Pool exercises stimulate the brain as well. It releases those “feel good” chemicals when pushing against the resistance of the water. Exercises performed in warmer water give the body a type of massage and relaxation. This brings about a sense of calm, and can help reduce the pain that often accompanies a physical workout. The nice thing is you do not need any special equipment, thereby saving you money which would normally be spent on gym memberships and/or equipment.
Here are some pool exercises to help you begin:

1.  Pool Balance Drills

Floating, walking, and gentle kicking exercises get the body “warmed up”.

2. Short Swimming Drills

Start with short laps from side to side in the pool, then work your way up to swimming the length of the pool.

3. Different swimming strokes

Use the different types of strokes to work different muscles of the body.

4. Shallow walking in the water

Walking in your swimming pool uses twice as many calories as walking on land.

5. Aqua jogging

Use a flotation device or life vest and go down to the area of the pool where you cannot touch the bottom. Begin jogging in place for a good cardio workout.

6. Gym Exercises

A lot of exercises performed in a gym can be duplicated in your pool. There are various water weights available which you can use. You will work your muscles more by having the resistance of the water pushing against your movements.

7. Games

There are many diving games, water volleyball, water basketball, and others that are fun for the whole family. There are all types of pool exercises that will keep the family healthy for years to come. Check out other pool  topics  on our blog @https://www.venicepoolcleaning.com/pool-care-blog/. Like us on Facebook!

Happy Swimming!

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