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Happy children in the swimming pool.

Learn To Swim


Everyone should learn to swim.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but many people do not give it fair consideration.  Children should be introduced to the water at the earliest age possible.  This will help them learn the water is their friend, not something to be feared.  Statistically, children are much more likely to drown if they do not know how to swim, or if they are being supervised by adults who are not swimmers.  The National Safe Kids Campaign states that drowning is ranked second in leading causes of unintentional death in children that are between one and fourteen years old.


Swimming lessons are readily available in most areas today. There is usually a YMCA, Red Cross, or private swimming instructors which offer lessons.  There is water everywhere we go, especially for those of us who live in Florida.  There is plenty of water to drown in; from the bathtub, to small kiddie pools, to lakes, rivers and oceans.  Not only will you be able to enjoy the water yourself, you may also save someone’s life one day.


It is also important for senior citizens to learn to swim too.  It is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints.  Even for people with recent injuries or surgeries, the water provides the perfect environment for rehabilitation and recovery.  For instance, a person with a knee injury can still kick with the other leg and use their arms in the water.


Once a person is able to learn to swim, he or she can perform the sport for the rest of their lives.  There is no age limit to enjoying the water and using it for both enjoyment and exercise.  Swimming is the perfect exercise, as it involves multiple muscle groups and provides a great cardio workout.  Many people find it is also a way to lose weight and burn calories, while not having to put strain on their joints by running on hard pavement or using workout machines. Check out our blog & video  on 7 Fun Pool Exercises @ https://www.venicepoolcleaning.com/video-7-fun-pool-exercises/.  Like us on Facebook
Happy Swimming!

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