What You Need To Know About A Home Hot Tub

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What You Need To Know About A Home Hot Tub

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First, you need to know that the purchase of a hot tub will be worth more to you than you’ll ever know — and if used properly, will allow for more benefits to your family than you can even imagine! Hot tubs are the perfect way to wind down after a long day.

Get a Locking Cover

Safety is the first consideration. Because of the risk of drowning in a hot tub, if you are going to have one, you must invest in a locking cover. Children cannot fall into a hot tub is there is a locking cover on it. A cover will also do two more things; it will keep debris out and keep the heat in. By placing a cover on the hot tub when it is not in use it will keep your electric costs down.

Energy Efficiency

Hot tubs of today are much more energy efficient than they have been over the past 30 years and what used to take a sizable amount of money to keep heated and operating now takes a fraction of that cost.

Clean Your Filter

Hot tubs are self-contained and once they have been filled with water, they will reuse that same water until it is drained and refilled. That being said, it is important to keep the water clean in your hot tub. Water is pulled through a filter and pumped back into the tub. Therefore, filters are very important to this process and must be maintained regularly. It is necessary to remove filters and wash them off with a hose regularly. If the water is cloudy, add a spa oxidizer.  If it does not clear up, you may need to replace your filter(s).

Particles, Particles…

Along with the filters doing their job to keep things clean, a hot tub owner must understand that there are always particles that will end up in the tub. You can purchase a Spa Wand that vacuums these particles off the bottom of your hot tub.

Happy Swimming!
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