What is a professional swimming pool operator?

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January 25, 2016
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What is a professional swimming pool operator?

Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

We have had people ask us from time to time, “Why should we hire a professional swimming pool operator?”  The answer to that can begin by first answering the question, “What IS a professional swimming poll operator?”

There are many people who maintain and service pools.  Many are single operators, where the person is servicing only the number of pools he or she can take care of in a week.  Others have developed  more customers than they can service by themselves and have engaged someone else to help them get through their weekly routes. The other group of companies may have anywhere from one to many trucks and employees on the road cleaning pools. Regardless of their situation, the key component is how well trained the person is who is taking care of YOUR pool.

The best qualified  professional swimming pool operator company is the one whose owner has, at a minimum, obtained the Certified Pool/Spa Operator qualification. This course is highly educational, and covers all related pool care topics over a two day period.  It is taught by a certified professional with the National Swimming Pool Foundation.  The course material covers information such as OSHA regulations, types of waterborne illnesses and prevention, water chemistry and balance, chemical dosing, algae prevention and treatment, cloudy water, biofilm, enzymes, testing methods, and many more.

The person who has successfully passed this course has the knowledge to properly take care of your expensive swimming pool investment.  Improperly balanced pool water can cause severe and costly problems such as deterioration of your pool walls, corroding the metals in your pool heater and railings, surface stains, and waterborne illnesses.  These problems are all costly to either your health or your pocketbook.  The person who has obtained the CPO certificate has spent a nice sum of money to become properly trained, and has invested heavily in their future as a pool maintenance professional.  They have stated to the public they are serious about their business and the ability to properly take care of your pool.

Find out if your current pool technician has this qualification/background.  If not, you are gambling with your expensive investment.  It is worth an extra $10 – $15 per month to have the peace of mind your pool is being properly taken care of.  Many operators who do not have this certification are charging the least amount of money.  Let us know if you have any questions! Better Pools is a Certified Pool & Spa Operator! Like us on Facebook !

Happy Swimming!

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